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We are excited to welcome back our students, families, and Southold staff, and proud to introduce one of our new PTO programs, Three for Me, at our school.  We have always realized that parent involvement is necessary to increase children’s success at school.  Our PTO encourages every parent, grandparent, and any adult that is involved in a Southold child’s life, to participate in the Three for Me program.


THREE FOR ME….is a promise.  A promise not only from you, but TO your child and a promise to our school.  You promise to volunteer three hours of your time during the 2017-2018 school year.  You promise to volunteer three hours of your time at, or on behalf of the school, to your child by signing a Three for Me promise card.  Whether it is helping in the classroom, reading to children, helping at a PTO program, or dozens of other opportunities, it is all important and it all counts.


Our PTO will track the volunteer hours for you.  That means Dads, Moms, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles or any adult that is involved in the child’s life can make the promise.  Once you reach your three hours of volunteerism at our school, we will mark your achievement by placing your name on our “Star Hall of Fame” in the hallway of the school.  In addition, at the end of the school year, our PTO will have a “Star Hall of Fame” recognition ceremony.  This is a time for our PTO to thank you for your dedication to volunteerism and have your child present you with a Three for Me certificate with your name and the total hours that you volunteered for the school year.   Make this simple promise to your child to volunteer three hours, follow through, and show them how much you are committed to them and care about their school.  Sign the promise card and open the door to your child’s school today.   Become a hero and help make a positive difference in your child’s life and school.


What Counts?

Volunteer for a PTO Committee

Help in the classroom

Be a class parent

Be a child's PARP (Picked As a Reading Partner)

Volunteer for a PTO Program

Help with Book Fair

Bake for PTO/school program  

Attend PTO Meetings

Be a chairperson or co-chairperson of a committee

Share your skill or talent at school                 

Help at school functions                                                                 

Help with PTO/school fundraiser                 

Volunteer to do things from home                                                  

Attend Southold Board Meetings

And dozens more……

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